DevOps Pipeline for your App: 1-Week Workshop

Accso - Accelerated Solutions GmbH

Setup a Azure DevOps Continuous Integration Pipeline for customer application or demo app, including software build, test, quality checks, packaging and deployment

Create a Continuous-Integration (CI) Pipeline for your tangible app in Azure DevOps in collaboration with our experts. You will be able to integrate this CI-Pipeline instantly into your existing software development processes and profit from the advantages of automated test and integration processes:

  • Avoid error-prone manual processes
  • Detect inconsistencies or errors quickly and early
  • Reduce the time to market between releases
  • Omit time and resource consuming drawing-up of complex infrastructures
  • Use the Pipeline infrastructure as required without needing to provide your innate resources
  • Manage the configuration for various environments (development, test, production) including keys and passwords (secrets) centrally and securely in the Azure Cloud

Our service package for you contains:
  • Joint one week Hands-On-Workshop with our Azure DevOps experts and your developers, DevOps engineers and administrators
  • CI-Readiness Assessment of your application (Day 1)
  • Setting-up a source code and repository management within Azure DevOps* (Day 2)
  • Setting-up the build pipeline with YAML* (Day 2)
  • Establishing an automated code analysis concerning code quality and best practices* (Day 3)
  • Automation of software testing* (Day 4)
  • Automation of application packaging* (Day 5)
  • Automated application deployment on-premise or into the Azure Cloud* (Day 5)

*Depending on the result of the CI-Readiness Assessment we will use your application or one of our demo apps