Application Modernization: 5-Day Workshop

AccTech Systems (Pty) Ltd

Application modernization is the refactoring, re-purposing, or consolidation of legacy software programming to align it more closely with current business needs.

Application modernization services address the migration of legacy to new applications or platforms, including the integration of new functionality to provide the latest functions to the business. The first step to achieve this is the evaluate the assets of a business to determine the best way to migrate or modernize.

An Application Modernization Roadmap will then be built using the evaluation outcomes. It is important to keep in mind what the customer businesses strategic goals and desired outcomes are, to align the Application Modernization Roadmap and address the digital business strategy, technical architecture, IT people and the process maturity.

Modernization options include re-hosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, rebuilding and replacing. An in-depth analysis on the application architecture is needed to clarify which option should be selected

Application Modernization will extend the assessment done by by identifying potential App Modernization opportunities. Taking you on an App Modernization Journey. Facilitating and supporting you above and beyond lifting and shifting to the cloud.

There by unleashing the Power of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and ensuring Return on Investment.


Day 1 Morning session: Introduction to App Modernization

  • Azure Cloud Fundamentals
  • Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Business Motivation and outcomes

Afternoon Session: App Modernization Evaluation

  • Inventory of Digital Estate

Day 2 - App Modernization Evaluation

  • App Modernization Candidate Identification
  • Candidate Information Gathering

Day 3 & 4 - App Modernization Planning

  • Information Review
  • Building a Roadmap
  • Preparing Feedback
    Day 5 - Feedback Session
  • Findings & Outcome Overview
  • App Modernization Roadmap o Recommendations
  • cost management
  • Strategy and Planning o Cloud Adoption plan o Cloud governance blueprint