ADFS Decommission: 4-Wk implementation


Provide Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) decommission planning and implementation, include up-to 5 Azure Integrated apps. Enablement of staged rollout of Pass-through Authentication (PTA).

Update the Azure Authentication Model design to include focus on Azure Pass-Through Authentication. This will provide Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) decommissioning planning and implementation support, including up-to 5 applications for Azure IdP as primary authentication/authorization source for users. Enablement of Azure staged rollout of Pass-through Authentication (PTA) to allow for direct Azure authentication and application testing. Focus for ADFS relying party changes will be on Azure Authentication for applications in scope, SaaS services, and the existing Azure RP in ADFS.

Azure Conditional Access and Azure Multi-Factor Authentication planning will be part of the workshop sessions. Workshop style sessions will provide solution overview and training, identify key application dependencies, communication to end-users, testing, and deployment considerations.

Twice weekly technical touchpoints with key stakeholders, and weekly project dashboard meetings to track progress, blockers, and planned activities.