AI Results: 2-Day Proof-Of-Concept

Active Solution Sverige AB

Active Solution's AI results will help you move your AI ideas from whiteboard to reality.

The AI results consists of these parts:

  • An initial education for the participants where we try different technologies and learn how and when to use different AI-services.
  • A deep dive in the chosen technology based on the upcoming Proof-Of-Concept.
  • Last and most important, a Proof-Of-Concept based on the current use case.

It all starts with a free-of-charge evaluation of the idea and a proposed plan of how to proceed so we will make sure the Proof-Of-Concept will fit into this 2-day exercise.

We will explore most Azure Cognitive Services within decision-making, language understanding, Speech processing, Content analyzing and Web search. We will also explore Azure Machine Learning. In the Proof-Of-Concept phase we will choose relevant service(s) depending on the current use case.

Examples of services that could be used to get your ideas to market in short time:

  • Azure Speech to text
  • Azure Text to speech
  • Azure Computer Vision
  • Azure Custom Vision
  • Azure Anomaly Detector
  • Azure Form Recognizer
  • Azure ML