2-Day App Modernization Workshop

Active Solution Sverige AB

Transfer your application to modern, efficient platform which will allow for a more agile approach to future business needs.

Are you stuck with old applications that are important for your business but over the years have become complex and costly to manage? Would you like to focus on delivering business value faster instead of having to handle growing hardware needs and complex IT infrastructure? Our App Modernization Workshop will help you transfer your application to a modern, efficient platform in Azure that will allow for a more agile approach, adjusting to future business needs.

Our proven process to start your App Modernization journey is based on these three phases:

  • Assessment: When the target application is an internet-facing application, we start with an automated analysis of the application. This combined with an online meeting where we discuss the current architecture and challenges, make sure that we will have a solid ground for the next workshop phases. The assessment phase will take place before the workshop and is free of charge and you have no obligation to continue with the next phases.
  • Day 1 - Migration Plan: During this phase, we work tightly together to determine, what parts should be replaced by services in Azure and what parts need to be rewritten. We examine the application thoroughly from many different aspects such as scalability, security, and cost-efficiency.
  • Day 2 - Innovation: In the last phase we focus on how to take the application to the next level in terms of agility and innovation. How do we achieve more effective deployments and monitoring, can we benefit from proactive analytics from Azure Monitor? How can we quickly incorporate new functionality by using serverless technologies like Azure Functions? We also examine where we can take advantage of Cognitive Services, incorporating more innovative solutions to business needs.

The outcome of the workshop is a report documenting:

  • Current state of your application
  • What benefits would a move to Azure mean
  • What innovation could be added by using services in Azure
  • Next step