Secure Bank Login 1-Day Proof-Of-Concept

Active Solution Sverige AB

Secure Bank Login will help you to kick start your implementation of BankID

Active Login is an Open Source project that makes it easy to integrate with leading authentication services like Swedish BankID. Active Login can be deployed with Identity Server and enable support for BankID in Azure AD (Active Directory) B2C using custom identity providers.

In this workshop we will facilitate a Proof-Of-Concept that includes identifying your specific needs and analyzing your current technical solution to ensure that you get the most out of your investment in Azure, like Azure AD, Azure Key Vault and Azure Monitor.

Together, we will perform a Proof-Of-Concept on your system where we will extend your current solution with secure BankID login by utilizing the unique capabilities of services in Azure, for example, Azure Key Vault for certificate management and Azure Monitor for system wide insights.

Deliverables will be a plan for further implementation of the new login experience in Azure, to ensure an optimal solution for your particular needs.