Azure Security Modernization Assessment ~ 8 Weeks


The Azure Security Modernization Assessment reviews current cloud security & provides a remediation plan for securing assets hosted on Azure.

Securing your cloud environments requires the same practices and principles as your on-premises environment. The significant difference are the tools you use to accomplish securing your cloud environment. ACTS’ Security Modernization Assessment helps you understand the cloud security tools, controls and principles that you need. Delivering an Azure security roadmap and remediation plan to start you on your digital transformation journey.

ACTS will partner with you to map out your modern security architecture to facilitate effective decision making on your cloud journey. Moving to the cloud can introduce new risks, consequently you need a high degree of confidence in the security of your cloud environment. Consider a Security Modernization Assessment to:

  • Transform your current and future state Cloud Security
  • Control conditional access for mobile devices and users
  • Access Control, Monitoring, and Threat Defense for secure cloud usage
  • Define required roles and corresponding responsibilities to establish and maintain security

Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. Our Azure Security Modernization Assessment helps with the below benefits:

  • Fully documented plan for cloud security and adoption
  • Increased risk and compliance visibility with modernized security strategy
  • Knowledge transfer and security readiness documentation
  • Design and strategy for cloud security controls, monitoring and threat defense

More Information on ACTS’ Cloud Security Assessment: