Smart Asset Management Anayltics Solution : 12-Wk Implementation

Acuvate Software Ltd

Acuvate's 12 weeks Microsoft Azure Analytics implementation service helps you build advanced analytics solution that will help you track, manage and maintain assets.

This 12-week implementation offer includes an assessment of your company's needs, an understanding of your current landscape and processes, and the implementation of a Smart Asset Management Analytics Solution built using Microsoft Azure.

Smart asset management solution helps businesses stay up to date on their assets, recovery & maintenance, problem areas, inventory stock. Establishes a replenishment system, effectively measures risk and compliance, and interprets asset use and condition. ​


  • Remote Asset Tracking: Using uses IoT & cloud-based technology, retrieve information on assets anytime, anywhere​
  • Asset Health/Condition Monitoring: Cost-efficient & proactive method evaluates health indicators & associated risks, events, policy execution history, & recommendations​
  • Asset Lifecycle Management: Comprehensive record of asset portfolio optimizing the profit generated by the various assets throughout their lifecycle​
  • Asset Workflow Automation: Automating mundane and monotonous business processes, to reduce errors, & increase team productivity​
  • Predictive Asset Maintenance: Improve asset reliability & operational performance with predictive analytics to respond to anomalies earlier & prevent sudden failures.​


  • Automation of maintenance & repair operations, reduces unscheduled downtime by 60-70%​
  • Increases the asset’s lifecycle by 10-12% & reduces safety incidents by 45-50%.​
  • Reporting automation and tracking of asset flow, for efficient use of resources, increase in resources availability by 25%​
  • Automatic update of warehouse inventory and stock, increasing operational efficiency by 20%​
  • Single source of truth and customized alerts for better, faster decisions.​
  • Reduced dependency on human power and step-up device efficiency ​

Price: This offering includes assessment and implementation services for building & deploying smart asset management solution on Microsoft Azure. The scope, price & timeline are determined based on specific business goals and the customer's requirements. Hence, the terms, conditions, and pricing will be custom to each engagement.