AI-enabled Noise Offense Identification Solution : 6-Wk Implementation

Acuvate Software Ltd

Acuvate's 6 week AI & ML Vehicle Noise Detection Solution Implementation Service helps you build a solution to reduce the noise pollution caused by vehicles

This 6-Week implementation offer includes an assessment of your organization's needs, an understanding of your existing landscape & processes, and implementation of a solution on Microsoft Azure that can help reduce the noise pollution caused by vehicles for a greener & cleaner tomorrow.

This AI/ML solution is built leveraging Microsoft Azure (Azure ML Studio | Azure Video Analyzer Media | Azure Custom Vision | Azure Cognitive Search Azure Synapse Analytics). It can accelerate and digitize the validation process with video evidence & identifies vehicles violating laws. The solution extracts information regarding the type of vehicle and violation caused & produces a crisp complaint ticket, eliminating manual effort for viewing videos, resolving complaints faster & saving costs for the department.


  • Video analysis time reduced to < 3 min compared to the manual effort of 30 min
  • Potential revenue gains between 12M - 30M
  • Overall cost saving between 3M - 6M
  • Quicker resolution of complaints or violations


  • Identifies & extracts information about the vehicle(s) that are potentially violating local laws regarding air/noise pollution
  • Validates the type of vehicle, type of violation
  • Extracts vehicle information from the DMV database
  • Creates a crisp and easy-to-verify complaint ticket for agency staff to verify quickly
  • Easy to modify ML rules in case of any changes or amends to the local law


  • A intelligent, intuitive, and sustainable solution - that reduces carbon footprint & paves the way for high-quality citizen lives. 

Timeline: 6-10 weeks

Price: This offering includes assessment and implementation services for building & deploying vehicle noise detection solutions on Microsoft Azure. The scope, price & timeline are determined based on specific business goals and the customer's requirements. Hence, the terms, conditions, and pricing will be custom to each engagement.