Enterprise System: 4-hour Assessment

ACW Solutions Limited

ACW Solutions offers a FREE Enterprise System assessment service for you. The results would be effectively utilized to evaluate the performance of your existing IT systems.

Enterprise System Assessment service is a 4-hour consulting service that helps you to identify your weak spots in your existing system, evaluate your existing operation processes and compare to the industry best practices, understand risk inherent in your existing system and how to improve your operational efficiency on Microsoft Azure Cloud. We will work with you on a plan to ensure seamless cloud migration from on-premise to cloud-based hosts and services. We will introduce Microsoft Azure services including computing, networking, analytics, database, storage, and mobility solutions to you. We will map the suitable Azure service to meet your expected business outcomes and analyse how Microsoft Azure can help you to redefine the way you operate with the highest level of security.

What can you get from the enterprise system assessment service? -Full and clear picture of your existing system with the breakdown in the system, people, workflow process, and technology -Identify strengths and weaknesses of your existing operation on-premises and on Microsoft Azure cloud -Improvement suggestion according to your operation and security weaknesses on-premises -Select the right Azure Service -Timeline and cost estimation of the cloud migration project -Roadmap for improving your existing operation on Microsoft Azure