Adaptiv Integration Portfolio Assessment

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Adaptiv's assessment delve into your integration, highlighting app modernisation, risk reduction, and cost savings, providing a roadmap for secure, sustained growth, optimised for your business.

What is this offer about? In the intricate landscape of integration, understanding your current state is the cornerstone for future growth. Adaptiv's Integration Portfolio Assessment offers more than just a snapshot; it provides a comprehensive lens into your integration environment. Through tailored workshops, we delve deep into your people, processes, and technology. We go beyond assessment; we strategise with Azure at the core.

By gauging your current state and highlighting avenues for app modernisation, risk reduction, and cost savings within the Azure ecosystem, we furnish you with a roadmap towards secure and enduring success. Your voyage to integration excellence, underpinned by Azure, commences here—simplified and tailored for your unique business exigencies.

Ideal customer profile:

Challenge 1: Legacy Platform Challenges & Future Planning Businesses operating on legacy platforms that are not only costly to maintain but also face challenges in sourcing the right talent for upkeep. These organisations are eager to explore and understand their options for the future, aiming to transition to more modern, cost-effective, and manageable integration solutions.

Challenge 2: Point-to-Point Integration & Skill Limitations Companies currently operating on a point-to-point integration solution finding themselves heavily reliant on a limited pool of skilled professionals for support and further development. Such organisations often face bottlenecks in scaling and optimising their integration processes and are looking for more sustainable and efficient solutions.

Challenge 3: Business Expansion & Integration Strategy Organisations that have recently expanded through acquisitions and are grappling with the challenge of understanding and streamlining their current integration landscape. These businesses are keen on devising a forward-looking integration strategy that aligns with their expanded operational scale and objectives. Adaptiv’s Engagement Model Navigating the complexities of integration demands a strategic approach. At Adaptiv, we harness the methodologies of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and the power of AI to guide your integration journey.

Four-Step Engagement Model:

  1. Review: workshops with business and technical stakeholders to understand your current integration landscape, technologies in place, and any existing Azure Landing Zones.
  2. Define: Collaborate with Senior Architects to identify future requirements, understand your strategy, and outline the necessary people, processes, tools, and technologies.
  3. Roadmap: Develop a comprehensive roadmap for success, highlighting areas for potential risks, and vulnerabilities.
  4. Present: Present strategy to senior stakeholders, ensuring clarity, alignment, and a shared vision for the future of your integration journey

AT A GLANCE COST: Est. $30,000 base price

Integration Landscape Report: Overview of current state. Future Requirements Analysis: Upcoming needs outlined. Integration Strategy Roadmap: Guide to cost-saving and optimisation.

BENEFITS: Strategic Clarity: Clear roadmap for integration with Azure. Cost Efficiency: Pinpoints cost-saving opportunities. Skill Optimisation: Reduces reliance on limited expertise. Streamlined Operations: Simplifies integration post-acquisitions. Future-Proofing: Transitions to sustainable strategies. Risk Mitigation: Identifies and addresses vulnerabilities.

TIME TO VALUE: Est. 2 weeks

With over a decade of experience in delivering small-scale and large-scale integration for the enterprise, we deliver clear and measurable value to your bottom line. Learn more:

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