Hybrid Cloud Security: 8 H Workshop


Get insights on active threats and vulnerabilities related to their hybrid workloads.

“Showcase Azure Defender and find threats and vulnerabilities in your customer’s environment. Explore Azure Network Security capabilities, creating adoption intent.

The Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop engagement leverages Azure Security Center to help organizations gain insights into active threats and vulnerabilities related to their hybrid workloads. The Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop engagement includes components from both cloud security posture management as well as cloud workload protection.

The Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop engagement also includes an exploration of Azure Network Security capabilities, giving the customer an overview of selected Azure Network Security products and a combined demonstration and discussion to showcase the capabilities and allowing you to understand the customer’s network security requirements.

Customer Benefits: • Customized: exclusively focused on their specific security needs. • Real data: threat/vulnerability analysis based on customer’s environment. • Solution oriented: mitigation solutions & actionable next steps.

After the Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop, you’ll: • Better understand the benefits and capabilities of Azure Defender and Azure Network Security. • Better understand ho to prioritize and mitigate potential threats to your servers and services. • Better understand what can be done to reduce the attack surface area for hybrid workloads. • Have defined next steps based on your needs and objectives.

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