Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence: : 6-Wk Assessment

Adastra, s.r.o.

Achieve the accessible, integrated and consolidated data, centralized data source to support reporting and analytics tasks.

Make an DWH Assessment of your company by Adastra

In this assessment we will recognize what kind of Microsoft Azure data solution will help with your data warehouse (DWH). Key Azure solutions which will be considered and validated: Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, Azure Data lake, Azure Data Factory, MS Power BI. Base on outputs of this assessment you will be able to decide which DWH is right for you and what it means for your business.

The DWH assessment created in advance supports the subsequent DWH/BI implementation or transformation project success by decreasing the uncertainties and risks. It saves time, resources and money invested to the DWH/BI implementation, by exploration of AS-IS state, mapping of key business data sources, and construction of TO-BE state of DWH/BI architecture. It compares and proposes feasible options and approaches to the DWH/BI construction or transformation of existing solutions towards the target state. It comprises of the cost/effort estimates, and identified risks supporting informed decisions related to project planning and budgeting. It creates a supportive environment to determine and clarify business needs, enrich and asses them towards the best practices on the market. It serves as a comprehensive material for the upcoming implementation phases towards the projected DWH.