Azure Ingestion Framework: 4-week Implementation

Adastra Corporation

Ingest, transform and analyze your data with Adastra's Azure Ingestion Framework offer

To better analyze work and assets, organizations require an analytics platform enabling integrated and curated self service and advanced analytics, through near real time data integration. Through this offer, Adastra will establish the foundational architecture for data ingestion to Azure for analytics, will integrate a subset of datasets, and will build one work / asset report.

What's Included:

  • Perform discovery and finalize scope / success criteria​
  • Define ingestion framework Azure service / network components for pilot​
  • Deploy one Azure ingestion framework service environment for pilot​
  • Establish source to Azure ingestion streaming​
  • Integrate data from up to 5 source datasets​
  • Cover initial seeding and incremental near real time scenarios​
  • Integrate streaming publisher (Attunity, Golden Gate, or custom)​
  • Register source datasets in streaming framework metadata​
  • Validate seeding and streaming update use cases​
  • Demonstrate audit and auto recovery capabilities​
  • Validate results with stakeholders​
  • Knowledge transfer / training for stakeholders on use and ownership of platform


  • Enables real time event streaming to cloud​
  • Metadata driven framework (type, schema, orchestration, …)​
  • Covers database, file, api, iot, mq, and streaming use cases​
  • Leverages PaaS / Serverless Kafka and Spark services in cloud​
  • Includes auditing and exception handling ​
  • All data is encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest​
  • Supports field level encryption via metadata framework​
  • Integrated with Azure AD for identity / access / rights​
  • Fully integrates with cloud monitoring / governance services​
  • Enables metadata integration with data governance platforms via REST API​
  • Deployable to a single VNET as a deployable framework package​
  • Automatically handles schema drift from a given source

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