Factory of The Future 2-Week Assessment

Adastra Corporation

Adastra’s commitment-free 2-week assessment will help you accelerate your Azure Synapse & IIoT adoption and address current and future analytics goals, delivering tangible business value.

What is included in the offer:

  • Assess current IIoT environment and IIoT connectively
  • Build migration roadmap / plan
  • Define security design for Azure IoT / Synapse environment
  • Define technical governance for Azure IoT / Synapse environment
  • Design / size / cost Azure IoT / Synapse service design and network design
  • Identify future-state IIoTgoals
  • Validate analytics logic for implementation in Azure IoT / Synapse
  • We will build a roadmap for your journey to the Factory of the Future, following Adastra’s proven Three Horizon approach.

Depending on where you are in your journey, Adastra will recommend the next step for implementation of one or more of the following Horizon offers:

Horizon 1: Enterprise Analytics for Self-Service BI

This solution is for customers who require a locally installed and managed reporting and analytics solution. Adastra will create a centralized analytics platform, collecting real time telemetry data from 300+ plants, to support both live (warm) and historical (cold) path analytics. Introduced new advanced analytic capabilities to customers, and provided a better user experience.

Horizon 1: Text Translation of Global Documents

This solution is recommended for global manufacturing organizations who need to keep information stored in different languages, worldwide, making identifying and collecting information a strenuous task. Adastra’s solution will leverage Azure Cognitive Services “Computer Vision” and “Language Translation”, through Adastra’s real time / API solutions, documents are automatically translated from 175 different languages to the required target language, enabling global access to critical content.

Horizon 1: Quick and Efficient Enterprise Search

Adastra’s enterprise search solution is recommended for customers with limited visibility into existing millions of EDI transactions and documents, making searching and reporting on relevant data is difficult and time-consuming. Implementing Adastra’s EDI Data Lake, search, and reporting solution with an Azure Framework will allow you to populate EDI transactions and documents in common business formats.

Horizon 2: Anomaly Detection on In-Production Manufacturing Machines

For customers in a later stage in their journey, Adastra may recommend a solution from our Horizon two-stage including our production operations solution. This solution is designed for manufacturers who lack visibility into the production quality of their supply chain. Adastra’s solution uses AI to monitor streamed images, identify anomalies in the manufacturing process, and stop production to prevent wasted scrap. Users will have visibility to the process via a Power BI dashboard, monitored by the line manager.

Horizon 2: Anomaly Detection of Safety Procedures

This solution Is designed to reduce risk of injury to workers who are operating in a manufacturing environment without proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Adastra can implement a computer vision-based detection model, which leverages advanced image processing and object detection techniques to identify safety vests in manufacturing site video steams, coupled with edge detection methods to flag vests that are not properly secured.

Horizon 2: Predictive Maintenance for Improved Machine Availability

This solution is designed for customers experiencing unexpected disruptions caused by machine failure. Adastra solution involves the implementation of an intelligent assistant for mobile devices to suggest recommended steps to solve the problem. The AI assistant uses text classification and machine learning methods to analyze historical data and recommend the best solution.

Horizon 3: Improved Inventory Control for Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Adastra’s solution is recommended for customers lacking visibility into plant-level inventory, manufacturers experience cost discrepancy of plant parts and miss on the opportunity to share surplus supplies between facilities. With our centralized analytics platform, users can analyze data from multiple plants in near real-time, to integrate and standardize parts, supplier, and pricing details, enabling advanced analysis and the ability to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvement.

Horizon 3: Asset tracking and route optimization for elevated performance

This solution is designed to allow manufacturing and mine sites to collect IoT data in real-time from truck. This will allow them to track how they are performing on routes and with load delivery using modern data.

Horizon 3: Use AI Driven Knowledge Mining to Expand Insights

This solution is designed for miners who have limited visibility into their back-office documents, making locating information time-consuming. Adastra will build a series of AI-powered intelligent modules that can be surfaced through a REST API for inference and incorporation into downstream processes.