Azure OpenAI Powered Intelligent Content Creator: 2-Week Pilot Implementation

Adastra Corporation

Reduce content generation effort 5X through our Azure OpenAI powered Intelligent Content Creator!

Generation of targeted sales and marketing context, for specific customers, requires significant continuous effort.

  • Content must be continuously altered for new customer context and product capability
  • Therefore sales and marketing content tends to be generic rather than highly targeted or requires significant effort to make targeted

Adastra's Solution:

Improve content generation outcomes using our Intelligent Content Generator, powered by Azure OpenAI, through four simple steps:

  1. Consolidate customer / product data
  2. Deploy Intelligent Content Generator and connect with the Azure OpenAI service
  3. Enhance with contextual content and pre-train content generation models
  4. Integrate results with web / app platforms

Azure OpenAI Acceleration:

  • Leverages ChatGPT knowledge repository
  • Enhanced through Adastra’s context repository
  • Through human-like conversations, generates contextual and targeted collateral
  • All customer-specific content is stored and secured within the customer’s Azure tenant

Use Cases:

  • Combine industry opportunity context with the latest product context to generate industry-aligned marketing materials
  • Combine customer opportunity context with the latest product context to generate opportunity-aligned sales materials
  • Quickly pivot collateral for new product launch

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