Azure OpenAI Service Powered Intelligent Data Hub: 4-Week Pilot Implementation

Adastra Corporation

Accelerate your path to analytics 10X through the Azure OpenAI Service powered Lucid Data Hub!

Traditional analytic projects require significant effort to model, map, and pipeline data to achieve analytic outcomes.

  • Data is often siloed and requires heavy manual effort to integrate and achieve analytic value
  • Solutions have high technical debt and require large teams to maintain and enhance
  • Analysts struggle to find relevant KPI’s and deep insights from available data

Adastra's Solution:

Automate the path to value through our Lucid Data Hub, powered by Azure OpenAI, via four steps:

  • Register your industry and data sources
  • Run the Lucid Data Hub engine in your tenant and schedule pipeline automation
  • Realize immediate value from Azure OpenAI driven curated/provisioned data
  • Customize/enhance the Azure OpenAI outcomes for additional use cases

Azure OpenAI Acceleration:

  • Identifies relevant source system entities
  • Generates industry-aligned curated model
  • Maps source system attributes to curated model
  • Determines high-value measures / queries from model

Lucid Data Hub:

  • Handles all interactions with Azure OpenAI
  • Interprets Azure OpenAI content into data model, mappings, pipelines, measures, and queries
  • Serves curated and provisioned data
  • Facilitates access thru API’s for Power BI etc.
  • Achieves 5X cost savings for analytic outcomes

About Adastra

For over two decades, Adastra Corporation has transformed businesses into digital leaders, helping global organizations innovate, achieve operational excellence, and create unforgettable customer experiences, all with the power of their data. At the forefront of Artificial Intelligence, Data, Cloud, Digital and Governance services, Adastra delivers solutions to enterprises to leverage data they can control and trust, connecting them to their customers – and their customers to the world.

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