Public Sector Analytics: 5-week Assessment

Adastra Corporation

5-week assessment and small pilot designed for the government and public sector to get you started with your Azure Analytics adoption.

Adastra will evaluate your current analytics state, define new analytic goals, and design a modern cloud architecture and roadmap, with Azure and Services costing, to achieve your analytic goals.

What’s Included:

Evaluation of your current analytics environments and use cases:

  • Perform analytics current state discovery and determine future analytics goals​
  • Define future state Azure service architecture ​
  • Define future state Azure network architecture​
  • Estimate Azure run cost for future state architecture​
  • Identify technical governance approach for security, dlp, bc/dr, recovery, monitoring, and devops​
  • Define roadmap to achieve future state analytic goals aligned to business priorities​
  • Define plan / resources / cost to achieve future state​
  • Pilot Solution


  • Discovery findings, future state goals, and gap analysis report
  • Vision analytics architecture option aligned to use case /w relevant decision matrix
  • Decide and define future state Azure services architecture
  • Estimate run cost for future state architecture
  • Define roadmap / plan / costs to achieve future state analytic goals
  • Define operations team structure / skilling / costs to operate future platform
  • Define and plan pilot solution

Azure Landing Zone: Establish Azure core strategic design for data center migration, to enable app, data, and analytics migration to cloud, through a well governed cloud adoption framework. Covers all tenant, network, security, and governance considerations. Considers data sovereignty and regulatory requirements (GDRP, Protected B).

Power BI Conversion: Leverage Adastra’s Power BI conversion framework, to migrate off current BI analysis and reporting platform to Power BI. Adastra will size and roadmap the conversion, then execute efficiently using conversion techniques. Covers all common government source platforms; SSRS, Cognos, Business Objects, Mstr, ...

Document Translation: Leverage Azure Cognitive Services to enable translation of unstructured document data to different languages, to ensure consistent service delivery for all staff and citizens regardless of language. Deploy at scale covering millions of artefacts through automated translation, with custom NLP training for complex topics.

Document Validation/Scoring: Automatically verify and score citizen provided documents, to verify validity and enable consistent analysis by government agents. Examples include proof of vaccine documentation, proof of identity documentation, etc. Reduces risk of fraud and inconsistent evaluation by agents, through advanced analytics.

ESRI Modernization: Deploy ESRI application to Azure, to modernize infrastructure and facilitate agile performance and lower operating costs for your ESRI platform. Leverage Adastra’s proven framework for hosting ESRI in Azure, covering ARCGIS portal, server, relational / file / big data stores, geoanalytics, geoevents, etc tiers.

Field IoT Analysis: Monitor government managed infrastructure via sensors and IoT integration to Azure. Covers facilities, fleets, services, and environmental sources. For example, monitor and analyze water main use to enable capacity planning and predictive maintenance. Incorporates Azure IoT Portal for simple setup and maintenance.

Citizen IAM via Azure B2C: Create a centralized identity access management solution, where all public digital properties authentication through. Simplifies authentication services for digital apps, enables a Citizen 360 view, supports cross service citizen value, and simplifies citizen engagement across services.

Pedestrian Safety Analytics: Use Adastra advanced analytics framework to evaluate pedestrian historical safety incidents against safety mitigations. Through trained models, recommends new safety mitigation steps (crosswalks, speed bumps, speed safety zones, …), to improve citizen safety outcomes through high return targeted investments.

Growth Forecasting: Use Adastra advanced analytics framework to predict future development growth, using trained history. Predicts where future development will likely occur, to enable proactive service development (roads, water, sewage, etc) in anticipation of future need. Creates proactive, rather then reactive, service delivery.

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