Retail Analytics: 5-week Assessment

Adastra Corporation

5-week assessment and small pilot designed for the retail sector to get you started with your Azure Analytics adoption.

Adastra will evaluate your current analytics state, define new analytic goals, and design a modern cloud architecture and roadmap, with Azure and Services costing, to achieve your analytic goals.

What’s Included:

We align business, people, and technology strategy to achieve business goals with actionable, efficient, and comprehensive guidance to deliver fast results.

Evaluation of your current analytics environments and use cases:

  • Perform analytics current state discovery and determine future analytics goals​
  • Define future state Azure service architecture ​
  • Define future state Azure network architecture​
  • Estimate Azure run cost for future state architecture​
  • Identify technical governance approach for security, dlp, bc/dr, recovery, monitoring, and devops​
  • Define roadmap to achieve future state analytic goals aligned to business priorities​
  • Define plan / resources / cost to achieve future state​
  • Pilot Solution


  • Discovery findings, future state goals, and gap analysis report
  • Vision analytics architecture option aligned to use case /w relevant decision matrix
  • Decide and define future state Azure services architecture
  • Estimate run cost for future state architecture
  • Define roadmap / plan / costs to achieve future state analytic goals
  • Define operations team structure / skilling / costs to operate future platform
  • Define and plan pilot solution

Clickstream Analytics: Analyze digital channel customer behavior, to better understand customer actions through ecommerce properties. What products are being searched / browsed? What is being carted but not purchased? Use insights to improve design and marketing, to improve customer experience and increase sales.

Theft Loss Prevention: Through analysis, detect patterns and quantifying internal theft. Through items-per-minute (IPM) analysis, discount card patterns, overrides / price reductions, detect theft patterns. Present patterns in intuitive and consumable reports for the retailer loss prevention team to be able to action.

Out of Stock Forecast: Dynamically and efficiently visualize the supply chain across their retail network. Using supply chain metrics, implement a predictive model to accurately predict out-of-stocks at the store level 1-2 days in advance. Trigger actions to proactively prevent out of stock states.

Scrap Prediction and Order Planning: Through models, provide insights to prevent product losses at stores. Determine the underlying factors contributing to higher scrap rates. Improve ordering strategies to mitigate scrap. Particularly relevant for perishable goods.

Enterprise Cost Harmonization: Consolidate cost structures across multiple business entities (different retail properties or with new acquisitions). Identify new distribution methods across entities that leverage available distribution channels, to simplify fulfillment processes and reduce costs.

Revenue / Payment Forecasting: Predict future revenue based on historical performance and insights collected from external data. Perform predictions at the customer level, rolled up to business entity. Predict future revenue more accurately, and for loyalty customers predict loyalty payment costs more accurately.

1Guard: Monitor shipments for real time analytics. Track location, shock / tilt, temperature, humidity, package opening, etc shipment telemetry, globally and in real-time, for high value product shipments.

OptiSuite: Leverage Adastra OptiPlan to optimize workforce efficiency. Leverage Adastra OptiFit to optimize shipping and storage space utilization. Leverage Adastra OptiRoute to optimize routing.

Customer support automation: Uses Natural Language Processing and AI to manage incoming customer support requests, automatically handling and / or routing requests. Supports real time enterprise system integration, Reduces manual intervention for customer support by >50%, optimizing resources and lower support costs.

Virtual Store: Leverage Adastra’s Virtuloc platform to create a compelling virtual store environment. Creates a Metaverse space through which customers can navigate a fully customizable 3D online store, with custom avatar’s. Seamlessly integrates to ecommerce actions and live agent interactions.

About Adastra

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