Data Governance with Azure Purview: 10day POC


Imagine a world where data ceases to be a constant source of frustration and is instead an asset that is used to transform your business.

Is your data causing you the problems that you thought it would solve? Do your employees see data as a byproduct of a business process, rather than something that should be improving your business processes? Or does it feel like your data is managing you?

These symptoms are not uncommon and are usually a sign of data governance problems. Data governance can seem overwhelming, but starting small and with the end in mind, you can move your organisation in the right direction. Get a handle on your data today and start the first steps to become a data-driven organisation where data not only meets your organisational objectives but drives business.

The Adatis Data Governance QuickStart with Microsoft Azure Purview Data governance can be complex and overwhelming, and many organisations are unsure where to start. An effective and pragmatic data governance implementation addresses these challenges and helps the organisation truly leverage data and unlock the strategic value of data. The Adatis approach will provide organisations with actionable outcomes and a pilot after just 10 days.

Our Approach
Day 1: Highlight a subset of data governance issues that the business is facing
Day 2-3: Identify a manageable data source to work with in addressing the governance issues
Day 4-5: Review and address any infrastructure or Microsoft Azure dependencies
Day 6-9: Implement a pilot of Microsoft Azure Purview, focusing on the highlighted data governance challenges
By day 10 you will have an Azure Purview pilot, findings and playback of business and technical recommendations and next steps to progress your data governance initiative.

(Pricing is subject to an initial session to confirm scope & plan)