Adatis Rapid Landing Zone Deployment: 2 wks POC


Jumpstart your cloud journey and enable your organisation to get started on Microsoft Azure, fast.

The Adatis Rapid Azure Landing Zone deployment enables organisations to start or extend their cloud journey in a matter of days with the knowledge that their Azure workloads will be secure, resilient & governed. The Adatis Rapid Azure Landing Zone deployment delivers a capability that allows organisations to:

  • Organise Resources: The organisation of cloud resources from Management Group to resources, Setup, Governance, naming conventions, & tagging.

  • Manage Access: Definition & mapping of groups for role-based access, Customer roles, applied for more granular, secure access for common scenarios

  • Manage Costs: Analyse cloud spend, monitor budgets with alerting & optimise with built-in Azure Advisor recommendations. Also, automation runbooks for common resource management tasks.

  • Governance & Security: Regional and resource type enforcement to secure networking. Industry compliance with ISO 27000, NHS, CAF, Customer policy deployment.

  • Monitor & Report: Monitor and visualise metrics, setup of log analysis tools with automated diagnostics for common resource types. AI-based next-generation alerting

  • Stay Current: Leverage the latest features to keep the platform optimised. Microsoft resources, events, and additional training. Upskilling of employees to drive effective cloud adoption.

The stages of this deployment include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial high-level workshop providing an overview of Azure & the key components and considerations

  • Landing Zone requirement workshops (x2) including network & security considerations

  • Landing Zone design delivery

  • Review and sign-off of Landing Zone design

  • Implementation of Landing Zone design

  • Knowledge Transfer sessions including a final walkthrough of the implementation

(Pricing is subject to an initial session to confirm scope & plan)