Azure OpenAI: 4-Wk Proof of Concept


Enabling organisations to leverage the power of OpenAI and ChatGPT on the Azure platform. This engagement pushes organisations to the forefront of AI technology

The Azure platform offers a plethora of innovative AI technologies, many of which are ground breaking in the quality of their insights but also the ease of implementation. However, none are as transformational as the arrival of OpenAI on Azure. Where previous services were trained for specific purposes, Azure OpenAI models can outperform the majority of these capabilities using purely natural language based queries. The exclusive partnership between Azure and OpenAI ensures a truly revolutionary platform businesses.

Challenges With this revolutionary platform comes a breadth of opportunities and cutting through the hype to measurable business value is essential. Organisations large and small can now wield the power of conversational AI in a short space of time, but with this ability comes new challenges that organisations now face. Business leaders and data science teams now have to answer:

  • Which of our use cases can be improved through the use of Azure OpenAI?
  • How do we integrate these services into our existing AI solutions?
  • What is the purpose of “Prompt Engineering” and how do we gain these skills?
  • How can we ensure our ethical obligations are upheld with these services?
  • When implementing Azure OpenAI services, will internal roles be superseded?

Deliverables Adatis offers a structured approach to these challenges that ensures our customers are at the forefront of innovation in a clear, managed way that establishes the capability for the future. The approach consists of four phases as key focus areas.

Azure OpenAI Use Case Assessment

  • Unpack each of the potential use-case’s value to the organisation.
  • Document the “so-what” for the use-case and define success criteria.
  • Ideate potential solutions and prioritise accordingly.

Azure OpenAI Implementation Design

  • Conduct fact-finding activities to determine the core requirements.
  • Identify challenges and risks to the project and propose mitigations.
  • Document the solution and establish the business value statement.

Azure OpenAI Use-Case PoC

  • Work with key teams to embed the Azure OpenAI capability.
  • Support with change management and business education.
  • Utilise Adatis accelerators to short-cut time to value.

Azure OpenAI Benefit Realisation

  • Validate the efficacy of the implemented solution
  • Document the realised vs intended ROI
  • Deliver a road-map for enhancing the solution through future iterations

Benefits Choosing Adatis to conduct this approach will allow your organisation to:

  • Have a clear understanding of how the current challenges or opportunities can be solved through Azure OpenAI.
  • Prioritised list of actionable use cases that have clear value attached to them.
  • Design document to satisfy architecture decision boards.
  • Implementation strategy with a clear path from start to finish.
  • Tangible outcome with measurable benefits.