Azure Data Platform Framework: 1hr briefing


Accelerate your journey to an Azure Data Warehouse and Data Platform with the Adatis Framework and Accelerators

Adatis’ Microsoft Azure-based Data Platform Framework is used extensively on client projects to underpin and fast track the development of enterprise data platforms that satisfy their client's data analytics requirements. The Adatis Framework has been developed over many years based on industry best practices and is constantly updated and enhanced to make the most of the technology enhancements released by Microsoft.

The Adatis Framework uses the advanced data transformation capabilities of the Microsoft Azure stack, including Azure Data Factory, Azure ML Services, Azure Databricks, and Azure Data Lake Store, to Ingest data from multiple sources and file types, cleanse data and handle errors, track lineage, and log activity, automate processes and generate code and manage costs and resource use.

The Adatis framework brings many benefits to your team and your projects:

  • Proven: We’ve built and refined the framework over years of working with companies on their transformation initiatives.
  • Timesaving: By offering a single reference architecture, you don’t have to create your own architecture.
  • Cost-effective: Rather than building out dedicated internal capability, our support adds instant extra resource to your team, exactly when you need it.
  • Fast: The framework acts as an accelerator, using automation and tried-and-tested units of code to complete data ingestion and processing with less manual effort.
  • Unified: Adatis utilise the same framework for building data platforms and warehouses, as well as application integration & data migration, reducing total cost of ownership and the related skills required.
During this initial call, we will discuss your current data estate, understand your business challenges, and discuss how our Data Platform Framework can accelerate your journey to a cloud-based data platform.