Adatis Data Platform for Retailers: 1Hr Briefing


Increasing loyalty & revenue whilst ensuring customer satisfaction in the Retail Industry

The retail industry is experiencing the smartest and most informed shoppers ever who have completely different expectations of retailers and are savvy enough to know they have the power to ensure their demands are met. Adatis understands the business challenges that retailers face and how important their data is. The Adatis Azure Data Platform for retailers is a centralised enterprise level data hub that enables retailers to understand their data and perform real-time analysis.

Challenges Adatis can help Retailers with:

  • Single View of the Customer: Many retailers do not have a single view of all the engagement a customer has had with the organisation. They need to improve customer engagement and loyalty across brands and channels.

  • Reduce out-of-stock: Retailers must ensure the minimum amount of stock is held to satisfy demand, at an affordable cost, and shorten consumer lead times which increases customer satisfaction.

  • Promotional Effectiveness: Promotions are one of the most important tools a retailer can use to improve performance. Retailers need to understand which promotions & mechanics work, to systematically improve their performance over time.

  • Footfall Analysis: Retailers need to analyse their physical & online store performance data to understand visitor behaviour & demographics, identify trends and make suitable decisions.

  • Range Optimisation: Data enables effective category management and allows retailers to understand implications of a range change flow through the value-chain, impacting supply chain, space planning, marketing & store operations

  • Returns Optimisation: The boost of online shopping has increased the number of returns and there is a high costs of managing the complex returns process. Retailers to view returns, across all channels to monitor, adjust & evolve tactics and improve the customer return experience.