Unified Analytics with Databricks:1hr Briefing


Leverage your existing Microsoft investment in Azure with Databricks with the Adatis Framework

From data prep and engineering to experimentation and deployment of ML applications, Databricks provides a consolidated analytics platform to speed up innovation and productivity. Azure Databricks based solutions, delivered by Adatis, will enable customers to leverage their existing Microsoft investment in Azure.

Adatis has developed a series of modern cloud-based frameworks and accelerators with Databricks at the foundation. These metadata-driven frameworks satisfy a wide variety of data-centric solutions that span Data Analytics, Data Science, and Data Migration. The frameworks integrate, allowing cross-sell/upsell opportunity as each framework is based on a common underlying set of platform services with Databricks at the heart.

The Adatis framework brings many benefits to your team and your projects:

  • Proven: We’ve built and refined the framework over years of working with companies on their transformation initiatives.
  • Multi-purpose: Whether it’s for point-to-point applications or two-way integration, our framework can help you migrate and integrate your data and systems with ease..
  • Timesaving: By offering a single reference architecture for application integration and data migration, it means you don’t have to create your own architecture for either type of project.
  • Cost-effective: Rather than building out dedicated internal capability, our support adds instant extra resource to your team, exactly when you need it.
  • Fast: The framework acts as an accelerator, using automation and tried-and-tested units of code to complete data ingestion and processing with less manual effort – so it’s faster and more cost-effective.
  • Unified: Adatis utilise the same framework for application integration & data migration as they do for building data platforms & warehouses, reducing total cost of ownership, breadth of technologies and the related skills required.