Get started with your Data Strategy: 1hr Briefing


Reach your data goals with the right data strategy – from tightening governance and improving decision-making, to driving innovation, transformation and growth.

Aligning technology initiatives to business objectives is critical. Given the ever-growing choice of technologies, solutions, and architectures this continues to be a challenging outcome to achieve. Defining a pragmatic Azure data & cloud strategy and a plan to implement this strategy greatly improves chances of success.

Aligning business and technology goals will ensure transformation programmes are set up for success, doing the right things for the right reasons. Proper planning and governance support the selection of suitable Azure technologies and methodologies are, ensures budgets are allocated correctly, and sets a baseline against which to measure success.

How Adatis Can Help
Adatis brings together technical, architectural, industry, and business expertise to work with key stakeholders and business decisions makers. This helps us to understand your organisational vision and, together, assess the current state of your organisation, the challenges it faces, and the opportunities available to it. A successfully crafted and implemented strategy will help your organisation fully understand how your data should be collected, stored, integrated and leveraged.

Our Approach

  • As-is Assessment - During which existing capabilities are identified and assessed and any bottlenecks or pain points identified.

  • Vision - This identifies the business objectives motivating the technology initiatives and highlights the technology drivers necessary to support the achievement of the business objectives. .

  • Findings and Recommendations - This includes both the business change and technology recommendations which should result in a number of initiatives. .

  • Strategy - The initiatives are used to create a pragmatic business plan, with a supporting business case.