Data Ingestion Service: 1hr Briefing


Simplify Data Lake Ingestion with the Adatis Data Ingestion Service

Organisations have a wealth of information siloed in various sources. Pulling this data together for analytics, reporting and AI applications is one of the biggest obstacles to realising business value from data. Ingesting all this data into a central Azure data lake is often hard, in many cases requiring often-bottlenecked IT effort that requires data engineers to perform custom development, write scripts, schedule jobs, triggers and handle job failures. This approach does not scale and creates massive operational overhead.

Introducing the Adatis Data Ingestion Service To solve this problem, Adatis have released their Azure Data Ingestion framework as a service. It enables an easy and automated way to populate your Azure data lake from the myriad data sources in and around your business.

It allows anyone you grant access the ability to connect and ingest data into your data lake, removing data silos and the impact on IT. This enables both IT and/or business units to ingest data from the various data sources in and around the business into a controlled, governed and centralised data lake that you, the customer, own.

Key Benefits of the Adatis Azure Data Ingestion Service

  • Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) aligned

  • Compatible with new or existing Azure data lakes

  • Management of Azure data-lake ingestion through a secure Web UI

  • Automated Azure Data Lake Governance

  • Flexible deployment models

  • GDPR Ready

  • Extensible Connector approach

  • Provides an instant platform for Data Exploration

  • Integrates with Azure Synapse