Microservices - 1-Wk Workshop

adesso SE

3-day workshop about application modernization using microservice architecture and creating a migration plan for microservice migration.

1-week workshop about microservices architecture and creating a plan for microservice architecture migration into Microsoft Azure.

The microservice architecture enables rapid, frequent, and reliable delivery of large and complex applications. If your organization is having trouble building and scaling a product organized as a monolithic architecture, this will be a great opportunity to get your team familiarized with the microservices, related technologies and methodologies and implementation in Microsoft Azure.


The first three days includes time for instructor presentation, instructor-led demos, and Q&A. After that, two days are allocated to discuss possible candidates for microservice migration and creating a migration plan into Microsoft Azure. Architect and senior software engineers will have a chance to learn the following:


  • Structural elements of a microservice architecture
  • Differences between monoliths, SOA and microservices
  • Basic design pattern of microservices and API strategies, introduction to Azure API Management
  • Possible integration method between service components
  • How to break up a monolith into microservices
  • How to create distributed transactions in a microservices environment


  • Managed database solutions in Azure: SQL Database, Table Storage, Cosmos DB
  • Asynchronous architectural patterns using Azure Event Hubs and Event Grid
  • Microservice deployment methodologies in Azure: Web Apps, Container Instances, AKS, Azure Functions


  • How to implement continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) for microservices using GitHub Actions
  • How to monitor a microservice architecture using Azure Monitor
  • Basics of security when working with microservices in Azure
  • How to scale a microservice architecture
  • High availability and disaster recovery in Microsoft Azure

#Day-4 and Day-5:

  • Discuss possible candidates for microservice migration and preparation of a migration plan into Microsoft Azure