Azure Machine Learning - 10-Wk Implementation

adesso SE

Building predictive diagnostics model based on Azure machine learning and web app services to predict drug efficiency and responsiveness.

Drug efficiency classifier based on patient data input parameters. The patient data is uploaded by the doctor on a website (provided by Azure Web App services) which is then processed by the classification algorithm running on Azure Machine Learning services. The algorithm is handling the data cleaning and preprocessing and feature engineering as well. The algorithm encompasses two models: one for regression analysis and the other for classification. The results are provided instantly on the website and can be also downloaded in a pdf format.

Advantages of Azure:

  • no direct access to the algorithm (vs. to offline application)
  • easy to change and upgrade the algorithm
  • easy to scale
  • version control
  • logging

For whom is the approach suitable? For pharma companies with a lot of medical products. For insurance companies who reduce risk for unnecessary drug. For whom is the topic interesting? For all those responsible for customer service and communication For the technically affine: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing