Application Modernization in Cloud :1Wk Briefing


Infrastructure Modernization Consulting for enterprises to unlock the full potential of the cloud

Businesses today are constantly dealing with unprecedented disruption. This has prompted many of them to embrace digital transformation as a way of life. Infrastructure Modernization is often deemed as a good start. But, this decision isn’t easy since to unlock the full potential of the cloud, businesses need to alter how they manage their application portfolio

Many are considering moving their existing apps to Azure cloud to leverage modern infrastructure, but they are uncertain of what it takes to plan, migrate, manage, and scale.

At Adfolks, we are adept at exploring a wide range of considerations and migration strategies for moving to the cloud.

Topics to be Covered during Briefing

  1. Why App Modernization?

  2. Challenges for existing applications when moving to the cloud

  3. Modernization triggers

  4. Benefits of having your business in the cloud

  5. Cloud Journey