Kubernetes Services in Azure: 1week Implementation


Consulting service for Customers who is planning to use Kubernetes services in Azure with Infrastructure DevOps

With organizations embracing digitization of internal operations or creating digital products, software development activity is gathering pace and in many cases is already at pace. Teams often embrace modern software development patterns, like micro-services, containerization etc. Kubernetes is becoming mainstream pattern in enterprise architecture for better orchestration, efficient deployment of production grade workloads, portability etc

Leverage CKA, CKAD, and CKS experts from the first KCSP in the Middle East to design your Kubernetes environment and benefit from high velocity application development and delivery. Based on the app dev maturity of your teams, there are broad range of areas we cover from advisory to pilot deployments, like Infrastructure as Code, GitOps, deploying AKS, integrating toolchain for Secure DevOps, observability, and monitoring etc.


  • Faster software release cycles

  • Secure software products with lesser vulnerabilities

  • Increased visibility into the reliability of digital assets

  • Optimized resource utilization resulting in reduced resource cost whilst not compromising on performance/scale.


  • Azure Environment deployed as per the finalized Design.

  • Reusable Terraform Script which can be used for redeployment of environment.

  • An DevOps Pipeline for the Infra Deployment.