Linux & Open Source DB to Azure-3wk Implementation


Lift and shift Linux and Open Source Database customers from on-premises to the Azure cloud to unlock business operations

Adfolks understands the challenges faced by the organizations when moving to Azure, most importantly on how efficiently these workloads and databases can be migrated to Azure with next to zero impact on business.

Microsoft Azure's official migration tool helps to migrate Linux workloads, including open source services to Azure cloud using a lift-and-shift approach, or rehost strategy. The migration service supports many leading Linux distributions like RedHat, SUSE, CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian and provides a comprehensive approach to migrate your application and server state to Azure’s virtual machines, app and database service. By providing accurate discovery and assessment alongside end-to-end visibility into migration status, Azure migration service ensures that the process is handled in the most cost-efficient way, thanks to its cost optimization features and tools.

At Adfolks we help you to make this transition seamless and easy as possible, to help you identify the right database from Azure’s most common databases in the most cost-efficient way.

Pricing: USD2500 – USD 5000 per for Small - Medium Applications.  

Max Timeframe required: 1-3 weeks 

Customer pricing to be taken for Complex applications 

Project Deliverables: 

  • Technological analysis and time-based recommendations.

  • How to leverage Azure integration for accrued efficiency

  • Realistic Roadmap for implementation

  • Recommendation for implementation

  • Training and Handover of the new implementation.