Windows & SQL Server Workloads: 6Wk Implementation


Lift and shift Windows & SQL server customers from on-premises applications to the cloud to unlock business operations

Adfolks helps our clients in planning, building, and management of intelligent cloud database running on Azure Windows & SQL Database. Our aim is to help clients on their journey to the cloud by providing the right level of assistance ranging from simple advice to a fully service. This allows existing Windows & SQL Server customers to lift and shift their on-premises applications to the cloud and gain insight into business operations through querying data. The Azure platform completely manages the Azure Windows & SQL MI Database.

Azure Windows & SQL database is a fully managed database and supporting infrastructure. It has built-in features with automatic patching, backups, replication and offers automatic database upgrades & maintenance. Azure Windows & SQL allows building multitenant apps with customer isolation, efficiency, and works within the preferred development environments. Azure Windows & SQL databases help protect and secure the app data.

We follow a simple process to foster a pertinent and workable plan from which to move forward. The process is iterative and cooperative, ensuring buyers are fully engaged to ensure a viable, workable, and agreed plan to ensure timely delivery.