Zero-trust Workplace Security: 2wk Implementation


Security, Governance & Operational Insights in the Modern Workplace Implementation in 2 business weeks

Organizations and companies of all sizes have started adopting work-from-home practices to ensure business continuity and limit employee exposure. It is vital for both employees and organizations to take proper precautions to limit the risk and monitor, react and contain any sign of intrusion within corporate networks and compromise of employee endpoints.

Adfolks comes with the solution to the existing Microsoft users with a package in order to address few threats that arises in the remote workplace setup: ensuring reliable communication and collaboration amongst remote teams, consistent desktop environment to employees, identifying risks and its mitigation, following the industry standard compliance and enforcing organization standard policy/process in the new system. The preferred solution is a combination of Microsoft Security tools, Azure Security Center, Azure Active Identity Protection and Azure Sentinel.

Adfolks will provide 

  • Real-time dashboard with security use cases and KPIs

  • Performance monitoring and Operational metrics

  • Custom security use case specific to customer’s environment

  • Incident Alerts & Auto Remediation

  • Unique SecOps dashboard with actionable insights

  • Forensic data for threat hunting