Cloud Journey 2 day workshop

Advaiya Solutions Inc.

Our Cloud Journey Workshop is designed to create a tailored migration and adoption plan to move to the cloud, encompassing around Azure and Microsoft 365 solutions.

Cloud technology is at the fore front of digital transformation, here to enhance decision making, customer experience, business productivity, and innovation. Advaiya experts leverage cloud technology, like Azure and Microsoft 365, as a catalyst to solve critical business problems and create unparalleled opportunities to drive ROI for your business. We have created a Cloud Journey Workshop tailored to key focus areas that align with core business objectives:

  1. Business & Infrastructure Strategy
  2. Workload Assessment
  3. Data Infrastructure
  4. Cloud Security and Compliance With ample experience in implementing the right solutions for business around Azure and Microsoft 365, our experts will consult with your team understand current processes and organizational goals. We identify the priority areas to move to the cloud and create 6-to-12-month plan for your cloud adoption. Agenda: This Workshop is made for organizations 50 – 200 employees will take 1-2 days to complete. Day 1 • Business strategy and tech alignment o High-Level monitoring and support are necessary for post-migration to resolve any unforeseen challenges. • Infrastructure planning and strategy o Grasp a picture of what assets are currently under management and what should be migrated to the cloud. • Business process optimization o Discovering ways to operationalize and increase efficiency. • Business application planning o Discover what applications increase productivity for your business. Day 2 • Data management o Where does data reside and were does it need to go? • Security evaluation and design o Identifying gaps and vulnerabilities within your security posture.
    • Cloud migration plan