Azure Arc-enabled Solutions: 4-Wk Implementation

Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited

AIS uses Azure Arc-enabled Solutions to deliver flexibility to build applications and services across datacenter with consistent deployment, operation and security model.

Value proposition:

  • Flexibly build applications and services across datacenter, at the Edge and in Multi-cloud environment.
  • Consistent deployment, operation and security model.
  • Integrate with various platforms over hardware, virtualization, Kubernetes and IoT devices. AIS sees that the IT complexity when using different development tools, languages, and frameworks as well as approaches are reality that customers’d be facing in such modern world. Microsoft Azure Arc has become a choice AIS choose to help customer overcome these challenges as it's been designed with hybrid point of view from the beginning. Service Description:
  • Business Requirement Gathering
  • Workload Assessment
  • Implementation & Service Enablement


  • Landing Zone Review
  • Solution design which comprise of high and low level architecture
  • Project Plan
  • Statement of Work
  • Support customer to connect workloads to Microsoft Azure
  • Configuration Workbook
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Service Warranty
  • Managed Services such as Monitoring, Reporting and break-fix are optional**
  • Pricing is based on (1) Customer-own infrastructure (2) the scope of works, number of workload and migration strategy. ** Assessment and implementation are based on complexity of the system and number of workload.