Hydr8 Data Lakehouse Accelerator

Advancing Analytics

Hydr8 is the defacto Data Lakehouse accelerator for Azure.

Meet Hydr8, our innovative Data Lakehouse Accelerator which expedites the development of your Data Lakehouse solution. Hydr8 includes a comprehensive array of patterns, accelerators, and pre-built code designed to provide you with the necessary resources for a quick and efficient implementation.

Here are the key features of Hydr8:

  1. Robust Foundation: Hydr8 is built on robust processes and approaches derived from extensive research and real-world customer deployments. It provides a solid foundation for achieving your desired analytics outcomes.

  2. Rapid Development: By leveraging Hydr8, you can swiftly move from ingesting data from source systems to curated data. The development process is accelerated, saving you over three months of upfront development time.

  3. Automated Processes: Hydr8 simplifies data onboarding by automating critical tasks such as schema inference, data validation, cleansing, optimization, lineage tracking, and curation.

  4. Proven Success: Hydr8 has been successfully deployed across various verticals and domains, with more than twenty-five customer sites benefiting from its capabilities.

  5. Azure Integration: Hydr8 is purpose-built for Microsoft Azure, utilizing best-in-class analytics resources. It seamlessly integrates with the following Azure services:

  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Data Lake Gen 2
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure KeyVault, Vnet, SQL DB, and other essential components.

In summary, Hydr8 empowers your data platform by accelerating development, automating processes, and ensuring efficient data management. If you’re looking to enhance your analytics capabilities, Hydr8 is a valuable asset for your organisation. Advancing Analytics has built Hydr8 to be used as part of a consulting engagement to accelerate your Data Platform.