Hydr8 Data Lakehouse Accelerator

Advancing Analytics

Hydr8 is the defacto Data Lakehouse accelerator for Azure.

Meet Hydr8, our innovative Data Lakehouse Accelerator that expedites the development of your Data Lakehouse solution. Hydr8 includes an array of patterns, accelerators, and pre-built code designed to provide you with the necessary resources for a quick and efficient implementation. With a foundation of robust processes and approaches based on in-depth research and customer deployments, Hydr8 will guide you to your desired analytics outcome.

Hydr8 accelerates your development process, allowing you to consume data from source to curated data within hours. With Hydr8, you will save over 3 months of upfront development time, allowing your team to focus on adding value with a quicker speed-to-insight . Hydr8 simplifies your data on-boarding process, automating schema inference, data validation, data cleansing, data optimization, data lineage, data-curation and much more.

Hydr8 has been developed over thousands of development hours across a range of verticals and domains. It has already been successfully deployed at more than twenty-five customer sites worldwide. Hydr8 is built for Microsoft Azure. Using the best-in-breed analytics resources. Hydr8 uses the following technologies:

  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Data Lake Gen 2
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure KeyVault, Vnet, SQL DB and many more components.

This consultancy engagement uses Hydr8 to accelerate your Data Platform.