GenAI Workshop - 3 day

Advancing Analytics

Our GenAI workshop help businesses unlock the benefits of AI and machine learning using Azure technologies.

Large Language Models (LLM) are everywhere, in the news, on our televisions, and littering our social feeds. It feels like everyone is talking about generative AI.  But there is a difference between talking about generative AI and deploying AI to disrupt and drive transformation.

Our workshop is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive understanding of how you can leverage generative AI and machine learning to drive value and growth.

Advancing Analytics specialise in all industry verticals, and our experts will guide you in identifying high-impact use cases tailored to your unique goals and challenges. At the end of our workshop, you will receive a prioritised list of top use cases and an implementation roadmap - want to get started faster, then we can walk you through a targeted POC for the highest impact use case.

Typical discussion topics will include how AI can be used to enhance business processes, improve customer experiences, and drive innovation focused on your industry.

Our workshop spans three to five days and covers key technologies such as 

  • Large Language Models (LLM)
  • GPT-models
  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • Azure OpenAI Service

It also explores use cases such as enhancing document search, automating content generation, gaining valuable insights, and enhancing collaboration.

AI moves incredibly fast, take our workshop to ensure that you remain ahead of the curve and the competition with Generative AI.