Data Warehousing POC: 5 Week POC

Advancya Technologies

We use Azure Data Warehouse components to perform all steps needed to establish a Data Warehouse; from Ingesting, transforming, modelling and storing the data.

Implementing and Developing Data helps clients transform their system’s data from 1s and 0s unused cost, to a company asset and valuable resources.

Simply said a Data warehouse is a system where historical data from several systems are saved and made relational to help decision makers get insights and information out of their data, guiding and helping them to take better decisions in the future

We use Azure Data Warehouse related components like Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Synapse Analysis and many more. Using Azure services and products we have the right tools and services to perform all steps needed to establish a Data Warehouse, from Ingesting, transforming, modelling and storing the data.

Scope Of Work for this Offering: Our offering in this area is targeting customers having requiring Data Warehouses that :

  1. Maximum of 3 data sources
  2. Data sources have prebuilt connectors in Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Analytics
  3. Data is structured data
  4. Simple to Medium data transformation


  1. Client willing to use cloud tools for data
  2. Client can provide required infrastructure to host required tools & applications
  3. Client provides required users/credentials for integration with data sources

Below high level tasks shows our implementation approach to ensure a successful data warehouse implementation:

  1. Analyze business requirements and identify data sources – 3 Days
  2. Prepare a high level architecture document – 2 Days
  3. Establish Data ingestion Pipelines – 3 Days
  4. Establish Data Transformation Pipelines – 4 Days
  5. Develop the Data Warehouse – 10 Days
  6. Deploy to production - 2 Days