Exploring Generative AI with Affine: From Theory to Application 1-Day Workshop

Affine Inc

Join Affine's 1-Day workshop on Generative AI, leveraging Azure OpenAI services, to gain a deep understanding of its principles and explore industry applications.

Affine's Generative AI Workshop powered by Azure OpenAI

In Affine’s 1-Day Generative AI workshop, business leaders will embark on a transformative journey through the world of Generative AI, discovering its potential to revolutionize their business processes. With a focus on Azure OpenAI services, participants will delve into the principles, techniques, and frameworks behind Generative AI, enabling them to unlock its power and leverage it to their advantage.

The workshop begins with an exploration of the Journey of Advanced AI, providing a contextual background on the evolution of artificial intelligence and the emergence of Generative AI. Participants will gain a deep understanding of Generative AI fundamentals and its distinguishing features compared to other AI techniques. Expert facilitators will guide attendees through various Generative AI techniques and frameworks, showcasing real-world examples of its transformative impact across industries.

Through an interactive brainstorming session, participants will identify use cases tailored to their company's needs, gaining practical knowledge to implement Generative AI solutions. The workshop also addresses crucial considerations such as ethics and security, discussing best practices and strategies for responsible and secure Generative AI implementation.

Workshop Agenda:

  1. Journey of Advanced AI
    • Evolution of artificial intelligence
    • Introduction to Generative AI
  2. What is Generative AI?
    • Distinction from other AI techniques
    • Core principles and concepts
  3. Generative AI Techniques and Frameworks
    • Overview of available tools and technologies
    • Practical applications and case studies
  4. How can Generative AI help your company?
    • Exploring industry-specific use cases
    • Identifying opportunities for implementation
  5. Affine's expertise on Generative AI
    • Showcasing our successful projects and expertise
    • Guiding you through implementation challenges
  6. Ethics & Security
    • Ensuring responsible use of Generative AI
    • Addressing privacy concerns and regulatory considerations 

Outcome & Benefits:

  • Deep understanding of Generative AI principles, techniques, and frameworks
  • Identification of suitable use cases for Generative AI adoption in your organization
  • Enhanced ability to explore and implement Generative AI solutions
  • Knowledge of best practices for responsible and secure Generative AI implementation
  • Access to Affine's expertise and guidance throughout the implementation journey

To register for the workshop or inquire about our consulting offerings, please click Contact Me or email us at affine.cloud@affine.ai. Our team of experts is ready to guide you toward unlocking the full potential of Generative AI in your business.