AI-based Site Feasibility Study using Azure Service & Telescope® - 6 weeks PoC

Affine Inc

Leverage Azure services for a feasibility study of your upcoming construction project using Affine's AI-based Site Feasibility Study 6-week PoC consulting offering

Site Feasibility Study plays a crucial role in the construction project management process. It helps companies map the road ahead and determine whether desired outcomes align with reality.

Affine’s AI-based Site Feasibility Study 6 weeks PoC consulting offering covers the land survey, building permits, zoning laws, impact on the surrounding environment and natural habits, traffic issues, and general impact on businesses in the area as well as the overall market opportunity.

This solution mainly focuses on Technical Feasibility and Environmental Sustainability and leverages various Azure Services like Azure AutoML, Azure CosmosDB, Azure functions, Azure Cognitive Services, etc., along with Affine’s Telescope®.

  • Capacity Planning: determination of the required future capacities
  • Environmental impact assessment: identification of risks and countermeasures concerning environmental issues
  • Best possible Scenario: maximize profitability by predicting the best possible scenarios

About Telescope®: Telescope® is a remote sensing technology home-grown at Affine and trademarked by the Indian government to find innovative solutions to complex business problems.

This Proof-of-Concept implementation can be expanded to your production environment.



  • ~ 60% cost reduction of the overall process
  • Reduction in manual efforts for conducting a Site Feasibility study
  • Identify geographical features to provide accurate input for area assessment


Agenda – 6 weeks:

  • Data Consolidation and standardization – Consolidate and standardize data from multiple heterogeneous sources including satellite images
  • Champion Model Selection – Develop and iterate multiple models to identify geographical features and select the best-fit model
  • Dashboard Development – Provision Dashboards to enable Analytics consumption
  • Analytical Deployment – Deploy analytical services and dashboards



Solution Framework which provides a detailed Site feasibility study and recommendation of best-case scenario with maximum profitability which helps construction professionals in the better decision-making process.