Azure based Damage Detection - 8 wk implementation

Affine Inc

The Damage Detection 8-wk implementation using Azure Cognitive Services to enable manufacturing and CPG verticals for defect detections and classifications at faster speed with higher accuracy

This consulting engagement helps Manufacturing and CPG verticals to leverage Defect Detection and classification solution powered by Azure Cognitive services which is an easily implementable, rapid time-to-value, QA solution that can reduce costs associated with product defects and increase customer satisfaction.

This solution provides an Automated Machine vision detection framework using data driven intelligence to accurately identify defect types and allows for visual identification of all the types of defects and mismatches (alignment and direction) that can occur during manufacturing.

The solution leverages Azure services such as Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Edge runtime, Event Hub, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Function etc.

Agenda (8-weeks) :

  • Edge Implementation of vision system to capture high volume of images moving at high speed
  • Device provisioning & Creating pipelines for data transfer & storage
  • Defects labelling, training & scoring models development and deployment
  • Business Integration with applications and decision dashboards
  • Maintenance & governance of solution with continuous monitoring of devices, data pipeline heath checks, and resources optimization


  • Faster Quality Inspection:Trained AI models with multilevel labelled dataset enables quicker defect detection and faster quality inspection process
  • Higher Accuracy:Model validation is performed for checking desired accuracy which can predict exact location of defect
  • Improved Throughput:Automated defect detection and removal of parts from production line saves resources required for rework and improves overall manufacturing throughout

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