Azure Based Title Forecasting & Planning 10wk Poc

Affine Inc

Azure ML based Game Title Sales Forecasting and Planning Solution 10-weeks Proof of Concept for the gaming industry

Gaming Title Forecasting process could pose numerous challenges, be it capturing the impact of existing franchise games, identifying flexibility in recalibrating paid media channels, or even streamlining launch date and title lifecycle.

Our Azure-based AI/ML Title Forecasting and Planning Solution can help you overcome these challenges with 10 weeks proof of concept, and help you get started with the process, tools, sample output, and proof-of-value required to achieve successful results.

Solution Approach

  • Azure AI/ML-based Forecasting and Planning Platform: We bring extensive experience in the gaming domain in building Azure ML-based forecasting platforms to drive a host of decisions like Launch Planning, Marketing Spend Recommendations, Pricing, etc
  • Comprehensive Azure Services: We extensively use Azure Services in developing the solution framework, building the forecasting engine, and deploying the solution include Azure Storage Account, Azure Databricks, Azure Machine Learning Studio, Azure Kubernetes, and DevOps.

Key Benefits

  • Stable and Robust Approach
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Scalable Solution
  • Optimum Results


  • Week 1 - Data Gathering
  • Week 2 - Analytical Dataset Preparation
  • Week 3,4 - Exploratory Data analysis
  • Week 5,6 - Title Forecasting Model Development
  • Week 7 - Model Validation
  • Week 8,9 - Market Mix Optimization
  • Week 10 - Portfolio Planning and Scenario Evaluation

Why Affine?

Affine has a rich background in the Gaming Industry and has successfully implemented the Azure based AI/ML Title Forecasting and Planning Solution for multiple Developers, Publishers, and Console Makers.