Data Center Migration

Agic Cloud Srl

Agic Cloud leverages all the technologies offered by the Microsoft Azure platform and provides a solution that offers Support and guide for the entire Data Center Migration of an organization.

A data center migration is the transfer of certain assets from one data center location to another, it’s also known as a data center relocation. There are a variety of reasons why an organization might need to relocate a data center, including corporate growth, company merger, legal demands, or simply changing offices or moving to the cloud; every data center project is going to be different, and so will require a different plan.

Agic Cloud leverages all the technologies offered by the Microsoft platform (Microsoft 365 and Azure) and provides a solution that offers:

1.Support and guide for the entire Cloud Adoption Journey of an organization

2.The most secure and suitable tools to ensure the best possible experience in the migration path, reducing the risk of downtime and second thoughts, helping to reap from the beginning the benefits that the Cloud actually offers

  1. Processes, procedures, tools of Microsoft Azure Platform, to assist the company in the phases of evaluation, organization, prioritization, up to the actual migration of existing workloads to the Cloud including the Release of Skills to the IT department so that the organization can proceed independently

The Cloud Migration Journey that Agic Cloud proposes consists in defining and planning a migration strategy, based on Microsoft Azure tools, suitable for the needs of the customers. The Cloud adoption consists of the following main phases: DEFINE, PLAN, MIGRATION/MODERNIZATION, GOVERN and MANAGE.