AgileDevOps Services: 6-wk Implementation

Agile IT

Managed migration, implementation, and best practice guidance on Azure DevOps delivered by certified experts.

Organizations looking to automate and speed their software delivery process can leverage the integrated experience of Azure DevOps to achieve their business goals and delivery vision. DevOps is a practice that unifies people, process, and technology across development and IT in five core practices: planning and tracking, development, build and test, delivery, and monitoring and operations.

Azure DevOps can be leveraged for internal software deliverables, external delivery for custom projects or software projects, and IT professionals looking to move from point-and-click administration towards Infrastructure as a Code. In order to begin quickly and efficiently, Agile IT developers will work with the customer's software developers and/or IT professionals to educate on how and where Azure DevOps can be utilized within their business. This can include starting within a new project with zero code to complex solutions that already have aan existing atmosphere and process.

Key activities and deliverables:

  • Overview of DevOps: Culture, tools, and processes
  • Overview of Azure DevOps.
  • Azure Boards for planning.
  • Azure Pipelines for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.
  • Azure Repos for source control.
  • Azure Test Plans for testing.
  • Azure Artifacts for packaging.
  • Integration with third-party tools and open source platforms.
  • Identity, security, and administration.
  • Overview of using Microsoft Azure platform services in the test and release cycle.
  • Overview of deployment strategies for application and services on Microsoft Azure (E.g. Kubernetes).
  • Review of existing development processes and workflow.
  • High-level mapping of existing processes to Azure DevOps process with suggested improvements.
  • Deployment of an Azure DevOps project leveraging sample deployment and data within customer tenant or trial environment. Includes minor customizations in flows and processes as a guide for learning.