Cloud Data Warehouse: Free 1 Day Workshop

Agile Solutions GB Ltd

A key element of any Data Strategy on Azure is a modern Data Warehouse. A strategically integrated approach, assured design and timely delivery utilising Azure SQL Data Warehouse or Azure Data Lake

1 Day Workshop & Planning engagement to identify business use cases, infrastructure requirements, Azure architecture and delivery structure of a Cloud Data Warehouse

Move an On-Premise Data Warehouse to Cloud or a Hybrid environment: To move or redesign an on-premise high volume data warehouse to the cloud can often mean unpicking & understanding previous MPP or proprietary developments in order to assure continuity & security going forwards. Our understanding of these premise high volume architectures & our Gold Platform capability ensures we can deliver a clear path to migrate or rebuild onto Azure.

Our depth of Knowledge includes:

  • Modelling requirements for specific systems & solutions
  • Integration complexity & high volume distributed processing & streaming
  • Data Quality strategies and firewalls
  • Self serve and semantic layer Business Intelligence
  • Storage and accessibility
  • Governance, obfuscation and encryption options

Azure Data Platform Options:

  • A capability to integrate data from premise through direct integration & Azure Stack options
  • Design specifically for Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL Database or Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Identify potential NoSQL requirements on Azure
  • Analyse, Visualise and report on Customer activity through PowerBi

Our Planning Workshop Covers 5 key agenda items

    1. Business Requirements & Priorities 2. Infrastructure management and sizing. 3. Architecture current, preferred & possible 4. Delivery Planning, timescales, delivery velocity, implementation preference 5. Ongoing support requirements

Outcome from the 1 day workshop

    - A completed programme delivery plan and statement of work which include: - Executive Summary - Infrastructure requirements - Required Architecture inventory and related diagrams - Project and Resource Plans - Testing, Implementation and cutover Plan - Support model guidelines