Customer Insights & Synapse Deployment 5 day Workshop

Agile Solutions GB Ltd

A short infrastructure delivery engagement to set up Azure Synapse and Customer Insights, Machine Learning and Power BI

This Synapse, Customer Insights (CI) & Power BI customer data platform (CDP) deployment is designed to get you started with a ready to go Azure Advance Analytics Platform within your business.

We deploy Azure Synapse, Customer Insights & Power BI across a shared Azure data lake with the ability to run advanced customer analytics insights and reporting out of the box. This implementation can be utilised as part of a Pilot deployment, a limited Proof of Concept or a more extensive minimal viable product if deployed with selected use cases. This platform can be further enhanced with Azure Purview & Azure Machine Learning to further enhance your Management and Monetisation of your data.

Standard Deliverables: • Azure Subscription deployment for the PoC/Pilot • Deployment and configuration of Azure Data Lake • Deployment and configuration of Azure Synapse • Deployment and configuration of Customer Insights • Deployment and connecting of Power BI • Initial population of customer data from a selected source • Expose output of Customer Insights and Synapse output to Power BI • Demonstrate out of the box Customer Insights capability

Day 1 Kick-Off meeting, review of your current Business Intelligence (BI)\Analytics processes and finalize the scope of POC/Pilot with you. Identify if an extended Minimal Viable Product engagement is required

Day 2 Provisioning of Azure Subscription, Deploy Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake, Customer Insights and Power BI.

Day 3 Test connections and source data from a selected system. Integrate data into Synapse, Customer Insights for POC scenarios.

Day 4 Expose Customer Insights outputs to Synapse into Power BI

Day 5 Complete demonstration and showcase of capability