Free One Day Product 360 Workshop

Agile Solutions GB Ltd

A key element of any Data Strategy on Azure is a Product Data Management capability. An integrated approach, assured design and timely delivery utilising Azure Storage and Azure SQL

1 Day Workshop & Planning engagement to identify business use cases, infrastructure requirements, Azure architecture and delivery structure of a fully customised Product 360 Data Management solution

To design a strategic MDM solution in the cloud removes much of the up front risk associated with Product 360 programmes. Our experience of applying Product data management solutions in the cloud can assure a 360 view of products for your organisation is achievable at speed. Our understanding of all the leading Product Master technology, types & approaches offers the fastest route to setting up a Product 360 capability.

Our depth of Knowledge includes

  • Approach options for Operational & Analytical Mastering
  • Integration complexity & high volume distributed processing & streaming
  • Data Quality strategies & firewalls
  • Best practice models
  • Design & architecture for high volume & performance
  • Self serve & semantic layer Business Intelligence
  • Storage & accessibility
  • Governance, obfuscation & encryption options

Azure Data Platform Options

  • A capability to integrate data from premise through direct integration & Azure Stack options
  • Design specifically for Azure SQL Database or Data Factor
  • Analyse, Visualise & report through PowerBi

Our Planning Workshop Covers 5 key agenda items

  • Business Requirements & Priorities
  • Infrastructure management & sizing
  • Architecture current, preferred & possible
  • Delivery Planning, timescales, implementation preference
  • Ongoing support requirements

Outcome from the workshop

    A completed programme delivery plan & statement of work which include:
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Required Architecture inventory & related diagrams
  • Project & Resource Plans
  • Testing, Implementation & cut over Plan
  • Support model guidelines