FinOps: 1-Day Assessment

AG Technology Solutions

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Cloud Financial Management using FinOps is the practice of bringing financial accountability to the variable spend model of the cloud, enabling distributed teams to make business trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality.

According to Gartner, through 2022 in any given month, over 30% of the growing expenditure on software and cloud services will be unused.

Companies can cut their overall costs significantly by optimising their cloud costs.

FinOps teams adopt a comprehensive range of procurement best practices, allowing them to combine IT and finance functions to optimize cloud management, pricing, and discounting.

With FinOps each operational team can access real-time data to track its spending and make accurate decisions for achieving efficient cloud costs balanced against the performance and availability of services.

AG Tech will conduct a free 1-day assessment to discuss your Cloud Financial Management needs and how they might be addressed following FinOps practices on Azure.


Cloud Financial Management best practices using FinOps:

  • Teams need to collaborate. Finance Controllers, Procurements, and IT
  • FinOps reports should be accessible and timely.
  • Decisions are driven by the business value of cloud.
  • A centralised team drives FinOps. Typically a CCoE.
  • Everyone takes ownership of their cloud usage.
  • Take advantage of the variable cost model of the cloud.

Assessment of the current state against the core FinOps phases:

  • inform: Understanding cost drivers, allocating spend and benchmarking efficiency.
  • Optimise: Measure potential optimisation and set goals based on strategy.
  • Operate: Define processes to ensure actions achieve goals.


  • Azure Cloud Financial Management report, based on FinOps best practice, containing high-value opportunities for improvement.
  • Proposal for FinOps implementation roadmap including timeline and pricing.